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TRC has a rich tradition of working with cutting-edge technology, much of which has been triggered by client requirements. We invest in technology and have been early adopters of emerging software tools and platforms. TRC has also committed top managerial resources to adopt new software and processes with minimal disruption.

Through constant technological upgrades TRC has been able to reduce design time, cut errors and cost, and pass on benefits to its customers.

For example, TRC's engineers specialized in Early Release Steel Detailing process to help their clients meet tight deadlines. Early Release Steel Detailing process, involves the development of a 3-D Design/Build Schedule that shortens cycle time from 28 weeks to 15 weeks.

More recently, the growing significance of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in construction, TRC took the bold step of assembling a brand new division called TRC Building Data Solutions (TRC BDS) to offer support to any client with BIM needs.

TRC utilizes REVIT for all of our drawing production and has all our building models and project management on the AutoDesk Construction Cloud. These digital tools are both well proven and trustworthy and are easily accessed and utilized by our design and construction teams.

TRC utilizes a wide range of analysis software for the various buildings and structures we work on. RAM FRAME, RAM FLOOR, RISA 3D, Ram Structural System, Ram Concept, Ram Elements, RISA Build Suite (Floor, RISA 3D, Foundation.) SAFE, ETABS, STADD pro, ADAPT Builder Pro, ENERCALC along with some in house developed proprietary software.

This technology has enabled TRC to offer clients a powerful back office that can come alongside you during peak production hours and augment your staff with our staff.


Engineering firms will "shift technical work to low-wage countries such as India and China", Zweig White Consulting reported in 2007. Anticipating this important trend, TRCWW developed a strategic relationship with TRC Engineering (India) Private Limited as early as 1999 to take advantage of globalization in the engineering industry.

Since then, both the firms have worked together to build a global delivery process offering value to clients through design innovation and services. TRC deploys global delivery to achieve operational excellence, resource redundancy and competitive edge. Along with its strategic Indian partner, it has evolved common processes, methodologies, and metrics to manage a global and integrated delivery model.

With its Global Delivery Center TRC has been able to:
  • Leverage Multiple Time Zones
  • Increase implementation speed
  • Foster innovation
  • Improve quality
  • Use latest technology
  • Achieve economy of scale
  • Become more versatile

For customers the benefits are expressed in faster turnaround, copybook quality, flexibility, innovation, responsiveness and competitive rates.