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Civil / Transportation Engineering

TRC provides plans and documents necessary for constructing roadways for both government agencies and private developers.

It has highly skilled and experienced Transportation Engineering teams, which use the latest technology to provide Roadway Design, Traffic Engineering, Planning, Bridges and Non-Traditional engineering solutions.

We provide specialized Civil/Transportation Engineering Design Services to various public and private customers including the Tennessee Department of Transportation.


TRC has the capability and the experience to design all aspects of roadways. It collects raw survey data and develops alignments and grades, cross-sections, right-of-way, driveway entrances, intersections, signalization and signing and marking plans.

Traffic Engineering

TRC provides several traffic engineering services such as turning movement counts, analysis of accident data and determination of signal warranting. In the services field, intersection and signal layout and design. TRC also identifies and analyzes traffic operational issues such as high accident rates or congested intersections. It makes scientific recommendations to assist private developers and governmental agencies to improve traffic operations.

Non-traditional Engineering Services

TRC also provides a wide variety of non-traditional engineering services to federal, state, municipal, and county agencies. These include roadway inventory data collection, overhead sign structure inspections, and bridge inspections consistent with governmental requirements. Additionally, it provides the collection and analysis of reflectivity readings for both highway signing and pavement markings.