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Structural Steel Detailing

The Structural Steel Detailing Group of TRC Worldwide Engineering works on state-of-the-art technology. It delivers all projects on SDS/2 platform, a three-dimensional engineering software. Its solutions are CNC compatible and tailored to meet customer needs.

TRC Steel Detailing Group specializes in Early Release Steel detailing. In Early Release Steel detailing, TRC designers and steel detailers produce detail drawings and 3-D models concurrently or shortly after release of contract documents. They work directly with general contractors, even without requiring the selection of a fabricator.

Early Release Steel detailing cuts down project time. Steel Detailing in the traditional Design/Build schedule takes up to 28 weeks before erection. Early Release Steel cuts this time to 15 weeks. This process has been successful in multiple projects with tight schedules.

TRC's expertise in Structural Engineering gives it the unique capability of providing design drawings as well as structural steel shop drawings under one roof.

Key areas of expertise:

* Structural Steel Shop Drawings

* CNC Output Files using 3-D Software

* Connection Design and Complete Engineered Shop Drawings sealed by a Registered Professional Engineer.