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  • 217 Ward Circle, Brentwood, Tennessee 37027
  • OWNERTennessee State Veterans Homes
  • ArchitectOWP
  • Structural EngineeringTRC Worldwide Engineering

West Tennessee Veterans Home – Memphis, Tennessee

The West Tennessee Veterans Home has a design utilizing existing building materials in the area of utilitarian materials such as brick, steel, and wood. The facility is designed in three separate buildings, two of which are neighborhoods of four houses. The third building is designated as the community center, where communal spaces are located for maximum visibility and an immediate ‘wow’ factor as you enter. A generous connection corridor, containing various gathering and seating areas, runs the length of the facility and maximizes the efficiency of staff and resident circulation. To allow for large gatherings of either the public or the residents, an exterior plaza extends from the main activity areas, connected with garage doors to allow for maximum flexibility.