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Bridgewater by Solterra Midtown Senior Living - Phoenix, AZ

Located in a mixed use mixed income urban use area, Solterra Midtown provides affordable assisted living and special services through a balance of comfortable living and quality care. Solterra Midtown rises to 7 stories with 160 beds offering two levels of assisted living with personal care and memory care environments. Residents are able to retain an urban living lifestyle by being connected to midtown with the lightrail, being minutes from shopping, and a vibrant lifestyle. With 140 personal care beds, Solterra midtown residents have a private one bed unit with 28 additional social, gathering, and recreation spaces. With 40 memory care beds, memory care residents have a secure wing and dedicated living environment with its own living / dining activity areas laundry and an outdoor garden.

In the midst of the flourishing high-rise urban housing developments in midtown Phoenix, there is a growing trend of assisted living environments integrating themselves within the vibrant fabric of these communities. Solterra Midtown, situated in a mixed-use and mixed-income urban area, stands as an affordable assisted living community that prioritizes both comfortable living and quality care. Spanning seven stories, Solterra Midtown accommodates 160 beds, offering two levels of assisted living with personalized care and dedicated memory care environments.

Residents of Solterra Midtown enjoy the benefits of an urban lifestyle, seamlessly connected to the pulse of midtown through the light rail system. With shopping destinations and a vibrant atmosphere just minutes away, residents can maintain an engaging and active lifestyle. The community comprises 140 personal care beds, where residents have their own private one-bedroom units, alongside 28 additional spaces for socializing, gathering, and recreation.

For those requiring memory care, Solterra Midtown provides a secure wing and a dedicated living environment consisting of 40 beds. This specialized area features its own designated living and dining spaces, laundry facilities, and an inviting outdoor garden, ensuring a nurturing and serene atmosphere.

Solterra Midtown not only responds to the demand for assisted living in the heart of midtown Phoenix but also embraces the essence of urban living. By offering affordable care options, personalized attention, and thoughtfully designed spaces, this community strives to enhance the lives of its residents while seamlessly integrating into the vibrant urban fabric of the surrounding area.