• 615.661.7979
  • 217 Ward Circle, Brentwood, Tennessee 37027
  • OWNERMethodist Stone Oak Hospital
  • ArchitectTRC Parkitects
  • Structural EngineeringTRC Worldwide Engineering
  • Peformance PeriodJuly 20116 to June 2017

Methodist Stone Oak Hospital, Parking Garage – San Antonio, Texas

This parking structure provides 333 parking spaces on 4 levels for physician and patient parking, conveniently located adjacent the main hospital building and centralized within the campus for access to future development. The structure is a long- span design providing open, obstacle free parking and intuitive vehicular and pedestrian circulation. This open, naturally ventilated design provides a comfortable and secure parking experience for patrons as part of the healing environment of the campus.

The exterior design incorporates precast concrete panels and fascia details to echo the architecture of the hospital building and the campus master plan. Visual access to the stairs, elevators and pathways to the hospital are reinforced with interior painting and a comprehensive sign and graphics package to simplify identification and way-finding.

Planning Process:
  • Examined with ownership and selected Construction Management firm the need for additional staff and patient parking associated with 1000 bed & 100,000 SF clinic expansion projects for this suburban hospital
  • Analyzed and defined that added parking requirement would be of 290 spaces for clinic patrons and 43 spaces dedicated for physicians
  • Additional parking would be provided by a multi-level parking structure to be built within an existing parking lot.
  • Clinic patrons and physicians would have separate traffic patterns entering & exiting the new parking structure
  • Parking lot site selected due to minimal interruptions to existing parking operations while also being convenient to new clinic entry & lobby
  • Identified potential to incorporate valet parking operations with in the footprint of the new parking structure
  • Designed 333 space multi-level parking structure (expandable by one level)
  • Helped established construction budgets and schedules with selected CM firm
  • Incorporated parking structure aesthetics to compliment hospital and clinic facades
  • Provided hand-on construction administration through project completion
  • Incorporated physicians access control equipment and “Blue Light” safety communication and notification equipment
Construction Details:
  • 140, 579 GSF
  • $3.6 Million