Restoration / Renovations

H.M.A Parking Garage Pelican Bay, Naples, Florida

HMA Parking Garage

H.M.A. Parking Garage Pelican Bay, Naples. Florida, Approximately 20 year old, three-story parking garage consisting of cast-in-place concrete decks on one-way precast rib joists, supported by precast soffit beams and cast-in-place haunched columns, located one block east of the Gulf of Mexico.

Exposed concrete decks deteriorated from reinforcing steel corrosion due to poor coverage and unmitigated diffusion of chlorides and moisture from the coastal environment. Spalling prevalent at bare roof deck, as well as along the perimeter of the intermediate level within the influence of the angle of rain, and adjacent to the trench drain at the base of the upper ramp. Cracking between parking decks and steel composite decks at stair landing platforms and corrosion of tube steel columns at ground level was also found.

Spalled concrete was mapped and quantified during preliminary condition survey by mechanical sounding indicating hollow echo and/or lack of positive rebound. Deck surfaces were chipped to expose free ends of exposed bars allowing downward field bending to increase coverage. In order to maintain full occupancy during peak season cool weather, it was possible to use rapid setting traffic resistant repair mortar at deck repairs able to be driven on within a few hours after placement. Raveled nosings at stair landing platform were cut out and repaired with a low modulus epoxy mortar and a notched isolation joint was formed along the transition to receive a gun grade flexible sealant. Steel columns at ground level were dug out down to the base plates and footings, cleaned free of rust and encased within jackets formed and poured with low permeability micro-concrete. Cracked concrete at steel composite decks was waterproofed with a flexible and breathable polymer-modified cement coating.

Project Scope
500 Square Feet Slab Surface Repair
50 Cubic Feet Beam / Column / Curb Repairs
4 Landing Platforms Waterproofed
8 Tube Steel Columns Jacketed
Roof Deck Coating & Expansion Joint Sealing Deferred by Owner

Owner: Terranova Corporation
Approximate Cost : $70,000

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